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  • Voyage to the land of our forefathers Oct. 12-15, 2011

    by Ray

    Brother John and I spent these four days visiting, for the first time ever, the area between London and Embro in southern Ontario where our great-grandparents James Smith and Helen McWilliam settled in 1850 after a harrowing 13-week sea voyage from their native Banffshire in northeastern (...)

  • "Black Swan", ou la dialectique d’un parcours d’expression scénique

    by Cybervinnie

    Le film "Black Swan", de Darren Aronofsky, a été une intense émotion cinématographique. Nous l’avons vu avant-hier soir avec Sabine à la maison, en grand sur notre mur (via vidéo-projecteur et chaîne hi-fi); à défaut d’une salle de cinéma, les conditions de visionnement comptent pour entrer dans cet (...)

  • Hamlet’s Conspiracy Theories

    by Cybervinnie

    Dans le cadre de la Résidence de Bernardo Toro au lycée, j’ai à nouveau fait avec mes élèves de 1eES spé un film en anglais (sous-titré français) inspiré de Shakespeare, et se plaçant dans le contexte littéraire et culturel apporté par Bernardo. En voici le résumé en français...

  • Elément de discussion sur "Littérature et engagement"

    by Cybervinnie

    Dans la cadre de la Résidence d’écrivain de Bernardo Toro au lycée Jean Rostand de Mantes (année scolaire 2010-2011 - pour plus de détail, voir les liens ci-dessous), les enseignants qui participent au projet ont l’occasion d’échanger sur différents thèmes à partir desquels s’organisent des ateliers (...)

  • Poetry Readings

    by Ray

    For those who are looking for something new to listen to : how about some of the greatest poems ever written in English? click here to see the complete texts of all of these poems. 24.09.2010: reactivated with modified Adobe Flash Player presentation.
    William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Sonnet (...)

  • The Ultimate Roller-Ride

    by Ray

    Giannuccio (pop.: 70, altitude: 500m.) is a cosy little hamlet nestled in the mountains 8 kilometres up the road from the bigger village of Monaccia d’Aullène (pop.: 400, altitude: 100 m.) in southern Corsica.
    It is best known as the starting-off point for the two-and-a-half-hour hike up to the (...)

  • How to Improve Your English (tips for French speakers)

    by Ray

    06.08.2012: updated with the following word lists necessary and essentially sufficient to be able to start reading and enjoying books at the Grade 2-3 level (CE1-CE2): - Grade 2 regular and irregular verbs - Grade 2 nouns and adjectives - Grade 3 regular and irregular verbs Here you will (...)

  • John N. Smith, Officer of the Order of Canada

    by John N. Smith

    John was awarded Canada’s highest civilian award for distinguished achievement, the Order of Canada (Officer) , in an impressive and very select award ceremony in Rideau Hall in Ottawa on May 15, 2009.
    The ceremony, which took place before an invited audience, was presided by the (...)

  • Charles Dickens Books

    by Ray

    The Pickwick Papers (1837)
    Dickens’s first and funniest novel, published when he was only 25, was a huge worldwide hit which had people lining up on the wharfs in Sydney and New York when the boats came in with the latest instalment, and which went through 100 English and American editions (...)

  • Some Thomas Hardy Books

    by Ray

    Far From the Madding Crowd (1874)
    This novel was the first of Thomas Hardy’s major works, and this Penguin Classics edition is the first time it has ever been published in its original manuscript form, without the zillion cuts and corrections made by the editor of the original serialized (...)