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  • The Abysmal Brute (1913) - a boxing novella by Jack London

    by Jack London

    The narrator of this story-with-a-message — that boxing is a corrupt business — is an (apparently) honest boxing manager who has been introduced to a phenomenally talented 22-year-old young giant whose father, a former boxing champion, has been training him intensively in their hideout in the (...)

  • "The Sunlanders" and other stories of the Far North by Jack London

    by Jack London

    Twelve stories of adventure and drama in the harsh climate of the Far North, mostly in the Klondike region of northwestern Canada, where immense gold resources were discovered in 1897.
    1. A Daughter of the Aurora (1899) Two prospectors engage in an epic hundred-mile dog-sled (...)

  • "Through the South Seas with Jack London" by Martin Johnson

    by Martin Johnson

    At the peak of his writing career in 1906, after having written much of his most outstanding work, Jack London decided - very much encouraged by his wife Charmian London - to build the sturdy little 45-foot (13.7 meters) two-masted schooner The Snark and to embark with his small crew of 6, (...)

  • "Martin Eden" (1909) by Jack London

    by Jack London

    This is about a rough, uneducated, young 20-year-old sailor and ex-gang-leader with a lot of drive and years of sailing all over the high seas behind him getting introduced to high society after having rescued the son of a wealthy family from a street brawl.
    He rapidly develops strong ideas (...)

  • "The Game" (1905) - a boxing story by Jack London

    by Jack London

    Joe and Genevieve are shopping for rugs and things for their new life together when they will be married in a week’s time. But first Joe, who is a local celebrity because of his prowess at the Game – boxing – has one last fight to get through before settling down with Genevieve to his new life. (...)

  • "By the Turtles of Tasman" and other stories by Jack London

    by Jack London

    A selection of tales by the author of Lost Face, The Hobo and the Fairy, The Heathen, A Piece of Steak and so many other masterful short stories and novelettes. TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Plague Ship (1897) – on a grossly-overcrowded passenger ship, a deadly epidemic of yellow fever breaks out that (...)