My Fifteen-Year Booklog 1994-2008 (by author)

(actualisé le ) by Ray

All of the 794 books that I have read over the past fifteen years (1994-2008) [1] are commented upon and rated [2] in this booklog.

Lots of good stuff here!

The layout has been improved over previous versions:
- a first section contains the works of fiction (as well as memoirs and essays on literature), listed in alphabetical sequence by author and title;
- a second section contains all of the works of non-fiction, grouped by genre and title;
- overall summary statistics are shown separately below.

My Fifteen-Year Booklog 1994-2008
My Fifteen-Year Booklog Summary 1994-2008


[153 books/year and 301 pages/week on average over the period.

[2Rating criteria:

  • Novels:
    _ 10: one of the 10 or so greatest novels ever written, in my humble view
    _ 9: one of the top 100 or so best novels ever written
    _ 8: a candidate for the top 100
    _ 7: a good novel that I enjoyed reading
    _ 6: a novel that had something to it but not enough
    _ 5: a disappointment
    _ 4: no good
  • Other Categories:
    _ 6 stars: a book that I would want to take with me to a desert island
    _ 5 stars: a candidate for the desert island
    _ 4 stars: an interesting book that I was glad to have read
    _ 3 stars: interesting but disappointing in some ways
    _ 2 stars: a mistake