Smith-McWilliam-Campbell genealogy charts

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The pioneering ancestors of the Smith family in Canada were James Smith (1820-1917) and Helen McWilliam (1831-1905), who emigrated just after their marriage in 1850 from Banffshire in north-eastern Scotland to the area around Embro in the West Zorra township of Oxford county in southern Ontario.

In West Zorra, they stayed with Helen McWilliam’s sister Margaret McWilliam and her husband David Innes (who had come there four years earlier in 1846) until getting their own farm - after a lot of hard work - seven years later in 1857.

They were joined in 1853 by Helen and Margaret’s brother John McWilliam and his wife Jessie Smith, sister of James Smith - who had met at the wedding of James Smith and Helen McWilliam in 1850.

Below are displayed the genealogy charts showing all the names, birthdates, marriage dates, and death dates currently known of the ancestors and descendants of those pioneering Smiths and McWilliams (as well as the Campbell ancestors of Annie McDonald (1861-1934), our paternal grandmother), up to but not including – for privacy reasons – those of the most recent generations.