Voyage to the land of our forefathers Oct. 12-15, 2011

(actualisé le ) by Ray

Brother John and I spent these four days visiting, for the first time ever, the area between London and Embro in southern Ontario where our great-grandparents James Smith and Helen McWilliam settled in 1850 after a harrowing 13-week sea voyage from their native Banffshire in northeastern Scotland.

Our father Macdonald Smith was born in this area, as were both of his parents, William Smith and Annie McDonald (born in 1856 and 1861 respectively), and all of his seven brothers and sisters.

Until recently we had known absolutely nothing about our father’s family, so this was an exciting and often very moving journey of discovery and exploration of our Canadian family heritage, undertaken, I might say, on behalf of all of the members of our family, young and old.

It was also an opportunity to meet a number of long-lost Smith and McWilliam relatives and to see some of the most beautiful countryside to be found in Canada or anywhere else.

To view the souvenir photos of this memorable experience, click here [1].

12.04.2013: access to these photos has now been restricted to close family members, for respect-of-privacy reasons [2].


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