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Published 26 July 2012

Serge Benedetti (13.10.1950-25.7.2012)

Serge nous a quittés brutalement hier matin, mercredi 25 juillet 2012. Il laisse un grand vide dans la famille. Sa gentillesse, sa droiture, sa curiosité et la qualité de son travail étaient appréciées de tous. Ses recherches généalogiques de haute volée ont permis de reconstituer des générations de parents dans toutes les branches de la famille; de nombreux articles de ce site en témoignent. La cérémonie en sa mémoire aura lieu à Montpellier, lundi 30/07/2012 vers 15h (Complexe Funéraire de Grammont, Domaine de Grammont, Ave Albert Einstein, 34000 Montpellier).

Il nous manquera énormément.

Ci-dessous, un extrait du message envoyé par papa à la partie anglophone de la famille...


Marie’s dear brother Serge died of a sudden heart attack yesterday morning.

He was 61 years old and had been retired for less than a year.

Marie, Vincent, Joel and I will all be going to Montpellier for the (lay) funeral ceremony there next Monday, July 30.

Marie was particularly close to Serge - her practically-daily telephone conversations with him were an essential part of her life that has been suddenly and tragically torn away from her.

Serge was a wonderful guy, reserved but brimming over with ideas and projects and convictions. He was a very intelligent man, a top world-class expert in any field he undertook to investigate - law, fiscality, history, and genealogy in particular. We were all particularly fond of him - his absence will leave a major gap in all of our lives.

He was terrific company, as we had a chance to confirm once again during his memorable visit here in Monaccia only a month ago, four quite perfect days that we shall never forget.


Discours funéraire pour Serge, par Vincent