• cousin Nina’s a grandmother again - welcome aboard Beri!

    Nina’s daughter Michal gave birth (at home) to a very healthy 3-kg. little boy, Beri DANISCZIEWSKY, in Puna, India on September 7, 2012.

    Mother and son and father and grandmother are all doing fine. Bravos all around!

    Nina’s score is now six grandchildren - let that be an example to all you other slaggards out there!

  • Cousin Jeanie’s a grandmother!!!

    Orion Raymond Walden came into this world on August 22nd, 2012.

    He is the first child of Vanessa and Kelly Walden, and the first grandson of Vanessa’s mother Jean Moore née Fink, our far-away but very dear little cousin.

    Congratulations to Vanessa, Kelly, Jeanie, Robert and Orion!

  • Avraham BERGER (12.2.1946-27.3.2012)

    Cousin Nina’s beloved husband Avraham, father of their three children and grandfather of five (soon to be six), died of an aneurism in Jerusalem on March 27, 2012 at the age of 66.

    Avraham was head of Operations and Infrastructure for the Rehovot campus of the University of Jerusalem.

    All of his family are still under shock, and so are we.

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  • "Roughing It in Africa" in World War 2, by Newton Fink

    by Newton Fink

    This colourful account by our uncle Newton Fink of the progression of his "Suicide Squad" up through wild country and deserts in East Africa in late 1940 to encounter the Italians in North Africa was published in the South African journal "PM’s Weekly" on March 2,1941.
    The photo of Newton in (...)

  • John Smith’s Lifetime Achievement Award speech

    by John N. Smith

    John was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Directors Guild of Canada gala at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto on October 26th.
    Below is the eloquent and most moving speech that he gave on this big occasion.
    Introduction by Tim Southam
    We all know about the HBO Revolution, the (...)

  • Margot - In Memoriam

    by Ray

    None of those who attended the funeral ceremony for our mother Margot Marne Smith, in St. Aidan’s Church in the woods near her home on Curran Lake in Quebec on February 17, 1996, can ever forget the emotion and spirit of communion intensely felt by all those present.
    The talks that were given (...)

  • Wedding Toast

    by Ray

    For the record, here is the toast given by the bride’s father at Michelle and Thomas’s wedding on August 23, 1991:
    Hello - as the proud father of the bride I have the pleasure of welcoming you all here to this happy event, and of starting the festivities off with a few (very few, don’t worry) (...)