NIKOLAI GOGOL (1809-1852)

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  • "The Overcoat" (1843) by Nikolai Gogol

    by Nicolai Gogol

    The story of Akaky Akakiyevich, an administrative assistant in a government office, who is constantly treated with arrogance and mockery by one and all, particularly on account of his threadbare coat that is falling apart to such an extent that it cannot even be repaired. When, at the price of (...)

  • "Dead Souls" (1842) by Nikolai Gogol

    by Nicolai Gogol

    The account of the not-always-successful attempts of the traveling schemer Chichikov to make his way in the world by ingratiating himself with important people and devising complicated schemes to achieve financial and social success by wile and charm — notably to purchase deceased surfs (“dead (...)

  • "The Portrait" (1842) by Nikolai Gogol

    by Nicolai Gogol

    An impoverished painter finds an unusual portrait in a market shop that he buys for 20 kopecs, and finds on cleaning it that the piercing gaze of the mysterious man in the portrait has a bizarrely ominous effect on him and on his whole life — and indeed on all those who possess it in turn.
    One (...)

  • "The Nose" (1836) by Nikolai Gogol

    by Nicolai Gogol

    The adventures of a government official in search of his nose, that’s apparently gone off on adventures of its own.
    Recounted in a semi-serious, semi-farcical tone, this imaginative, very original tale with a light, fantastic touch effortlessly sweeps the reader along wondering with Major (...)

  • "The Diary of a Madman" (1835) by Nikolai Gogol

    by Nicolai Gogol

    Extracts from the diary of an employee in a government office, documenting his frustrations with the rigid hierarchical system of his time, his aspirations for recognition, his libertarian impulses, his infatuation with the director’s daughter, his dreams of grandeur, his persecution complex and (...)