2. A selection of Stefan Zweig stories and essays

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  • "The Invisible Collection" and other stories by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    1. TWO LONELY SOULS (1901) A disabled lad limps home at the end of the day’s work in his factory, left behind by the other workers because of his handicap. He stops when he hears sobbing by the roadside and tries to console another social outcast, a female worker at the (...)

  • "Burning Secret" (1911) by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    In in the celebrated Austrian mountain resort of Semmering an experienced ladies’ man sets his sights on an attractive woman who has come there with her sickly twelve-year-old son for a cure, and cleverly first strikes up a friendship with the boy as a way to his mother’s heart. This stratagem is (...)

  • "In the Snow" and other stories by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    Three dramatic short stories by the author of Letter From an Unknown Woman:
    1. In the Snow (1901) – Word comes to a Jewish community celebrating Hanukah in a small town in medieval Germany that a large group of religious fanatics are on their way with hate in their hearts and blood on their (...)