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  • An anthology of great English Poems

    by Ray

    Although the criteria for inclusion in this anthology are personal, they are nevertheless quite straightforward: the poems have to approach that superior and very rare level of excellence and poetic power epitomized for me by Wordsworth’s sublime Tintern Abbey, by Coleridge’s epic The Rime of the (...)

  • Poetry Readings

    by Ray

    For those who are looking for something new to listen to : how about some of the greatest poems ever written in English? click here to see the complete texts of all of these poems. 24.09.2010: reactivated with modified Adobe Flash Player presentation.
    William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Sonnet (...)

  • Petite anthologie de la poésie chinoise de la dynastie Tang (618-907 AD)

    by Ray

    La dynastie Tang (618-907 AD), et en particulier l’ère Xuanzong de 712-756, a été une période d’épanouissement extraordinaire de la civilisation chinoise dans tous les domaines, et notamment dans l’art et la littérature. Aucune autre civilisation n’a jamais autant prisé la poésie : les poètes étaient (...)