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  • "Nouvelle Vie TM", de Pierre Bordage

    by Cybervinnie

    En matière de Science-fiction, la nouvelle est un format particulièrement efficace où nombre de grands auteurs anglo-saxons ont su briller. C’est pourquoi il est savoureux de retrouver un auteur francophone sur ce format moins prisé en France. Pierre Bordage ouvre dans ce recueil d’anticipation des (...)

  • "8 mm", by Joel Schumacher

    by Cybervinnie

    A Commercial for Death Row
    This is an effective, Hollywood suspense movie which takes us down into the underground sleaze of snuff movies. The plot is pretty basic: Nicolas Cage is a private investigator inquiring about porn and snuff productions for a rich, old lady who has found an awful (...)

  • "The Matrix" by Larry and Andy Wachowski/Joe Silver

    by Cybervinnie

    The Matrix of Hollywood’s common manipulation
    The Matrix comes up with an interesting premise: imagine our actual world was nothing but a virtual projection of sensations onto our brain - the machines, which have taken control of the earth, keep humans alive to use them as sources of energy and (...)