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  • "When Time Was New" (1964) by Robert F. Young

    by Robert F. Young

    Robert F. Young (1915-1986) was a prolific science-fiction writer whose 200-odd stories were published in all of the leading s-f magazines of his day as well as in Colliers, The Saturday Evening Post and Playboy. Although many of his stories were also published in book form, they are today (...)

  • "The Wishes We Make" (1943) by E. Mayne Hull

    by E. Mayne Hull

    A genie suddenly appears before a condemned man in his death cell and offers him not just one wish but six - what is the problem? you might ask. Well, avoiding one’s destiny is not as easy as it sounds, as this quite brilliant and very amusing golden-age tale with the most sombre of overtones, (...)

  • "Sci-fi drink" stories by Kingsley Amis

    by Kingsley Amis

    These two unusual and very original stories are examples of a rare genre invented by the brilliant author of Lucky Jim: "SF-drink".
    They had me chuckling and even hooting, an enjoyable and all-too-rare experience indeed, and I dare say that they will have you doing the same! 1. The 2003 Claret (...)