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  • The 204 untranslated Chekhov stories to date: overviews, comments and ratings

    by Ray

    Research in the extensive Russian-language documentation of the works of Chekhov has enabled us to collate that information with our own detailed inventory of the master’s works in English to identify the large body of Chekhov stories that has remained untranslated into English to date.
    We have (...)

  • Great music

    by Ray

    A selection of musical texts and interpretaions of the very highest level of artistic inspiration. Date Composer Work/Movement_______ Artist(s) Label time Comments________________________ 1 1708 Bach Cantate BWV 106 "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit"/ Chœur Süddeutscher Madrigalchor & (...)

  • The average number of meanings per word in German

    by Ray

    Based on a study of the evolving number of words in the successive editions of our German-English Literary Dictionary, we can safely venture to say that, for German:
    there are about 2 meanings per word on average for the 10,000 or so most commonly-used words (such as those listed in the (...)

  • Marcel Proust and the 4th Dimension

    by Ray

    While the concept of a fourth dimension of "space-time" is generally associated with the theory of General Relativity developed by Albert Einstein between 1907 and 1915 and published in 1916, we would like to point out in ths anniversary year of the publication of the first volume of Marcel (...)

  • La littérature de langue allemande — un survol personnel

    by Ray

    Ce relevé des livres par des auteurs allemands, autrichiens et suisses que j’ai fréquentés depuis de bien nombreuses années représente, me semble-t-il, un bon échantillon de la littérature de nos assez mystérieux voisins d’outre-Rhin.
    Il est certes utile d’avoir des notions d’allemand, car nombre (...)