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  • About "The Continental Dream: Will the French Shatter It?"

    by Cybervinnie

    by ELAINE SCIOLINO - published on April 13, 2005.
    This article is followed by Vincent’s reaction to the journalist’s analysis.
    PARIS, April 12 - Historically, the French have liked the idea of a united Europe as long as they could run it.
    France, after all, was a founding member of the (...)

  • Friedman and the War in Iraq in 2003

    by Cybervinnie

    Reactions to Thomas Friedman’s editorials in the New York Times in Feb.2003 about the imminent prospect of the US invading Iraq. Reaction to Friedman’s editorials in the New york Times, by Vincent Smith - Wednesday, February 19, 2003
    It’s really amazing to see how Friedman, an expert in (...)

  • "The Genealogy of Morals", by Friedrich Nietzsche

    by Cybervinnie

    A discussion between Thomas and Vincent
    We agreed on a common reading that would result in short essays about specific aspects of Nietzsche’s text. As we are in no way philosophy experts, we chose to focus more particularly on educational reflections that could be developed after Nietzsche’s (...)

  • The death penalty in the USA

    by Cybervinnie

    February 2001: While the US presidential race hinged mostly on TV entertainment programs where the candidates didn’t need to talk about serious issues, the execution machinery keeps going through its dirty business. No matter how bungled the trials were, and even though new pieces of evidence (...)

  • The US film industry and French protectionism

    by Cybervinnie

    Oct.2000: DEBATE between Vincent and Thomas about Richard Pells’ column in the IHT: "Cinéma Vérité - why European reject US culture" and my commentary (other article)
    I have to agree with Pells. There is a long history of bias in Europe toward the American film industry. European students (...)