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  • "A Report to an Academy" (1920) by Franz Kafka

    by Franz Kafka

    An ape that has learned human ways reports to an assembly of scientists on the use or rather misuse that mankind had made of his talents.
    A moving and powerful account of his determined, obsessive striving to fundamentally change his essential condition and acquire a form of freedom in spite (...)

  • "Candide" (1759) by Voltaire

    by Voltaire

    Voltaire’s brilliant parody of the ideological notion that all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds [1], ironically sub-titled "Optimism", that was written in three incredibly productive days(!) and has retained its charm, its venom and its Enlightenment message for mankind ever (...)

  • "The Judgement (Das Urteil)" (1913), by Franz Kafka

    by Franz Kafka

    A subtle shocker written in Kafka’s detached, almost otherworldly way, where a man-to-man conversation between a father and son brings out long-suppressed thoughts and attitudes and hitherto-hidden facts, and quasi-instantaneously triggers off a final catastrophic conclusion to what had (...)