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  • "Lieutenant Gustl" (1900) by Arthur Schnitzler

    by Arthur Schnitzler

    A long, intense and dramatic "stream-of-consciousness" mental monologue of of an officer in pre-WW1 Vienna before, during and after a dramatic incident in an opera house that neither he nor the reader can ever forget.
    A brilliant portrayal of the military mindset in the country that started (...)

  • "The Cremona Violin (Rat Krespel)" by E. T. A. Hoffmann (1818)

    by E. T. A. Hoffmann

    Councillor Krespel (“Rat Krespel” – the original title of this original story) is an eccentric and somewhat mysterious fellow who plays the violin marvelously, specialises in repairing ancient instruments and who lives with (!) a particularly talented young singer Angelina whose voice – for those (...)

  • "The District Doctor" (1848) by Ivan Turgenev

    by Ivan Turgenev

    A country doctor recounts a particularly moving experience – for him and for the reader – when he had been called out to visit in difficult conditions a peasant family whose young daughter had been taken seriously ill.
    One of the most memorable stories in Turgenev’s collection of hunting tales A (...)

  • "The Queen of Spades" (1834) by Alexander Pushkin

    by Alexander Pushkin

    A cautious young man who has never gambled sees large sums of money being won and lost around him in the social whirl of Saint Petersburg and becomes fascinated by a fabulous story about an aged countess who had learned a secret method of winning at cards in her youth. He devotes all his (...)

  • "Counterparts" (1914) by James Joyce

    by James Joyce

    One of the central stories in James Joyce’s first published work of fiction, Dubliners (1914), this account of a day in the life of a very mediocre but very believable office worker is one of the harsher but nevertheless most outstanding stories in that collection of variegated vignettes of life (...)