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  • "Little Caesar" (1929) by W. R. Burnett - 11 March

    Caesar Bandello, alias "Rico", the eponymous "Little Caesar" of the title, is a ruthless, very self-aware and ambitious, under-educated young man of Italian origins with a piercing personality who is seeking a place in the sun in the rough-and-ready, brutal, tough, hub-of-the-modern-world and devastatingly-pitiless Chicago of the late twenties.
    The breathtakingly-rapid rise and eventual fall of this modern "hero" are recounted here by one of America’s finest writers of the twentieth (...)

  • "Rogue Male" (1939) by Geoffrey Household - 10 March

    Rogue Male is without a doubt in our humble opinion the master reference, the model, the bestest with the mostest - in a word, the greatest suspense thriller with a man-hunt theme ever written!
    It starts off with a terrific scene of an expert hunter closing in on the biggest and by far the most dangerous game of them all - the very title of a close-second runner-up in the genre, Gavin Lyall’s aptly-named The Most dangerous Game (1964) - then goes off on a long and very gripping account of (...)

  • "The Most Dangerous Game" (1964) by Gavin Lyall - 5 March

    The most dangerous game of the title of this very classy adventure novel with a strong espionage tinge is far more dangerous than any bear or other wild beast - it is a man with a gun who knows how to use it.
    With Geoffrey Household’s Rogue Male (1939), it is our choice for the best man-hunt story - in the literal sense - of all time. e-book versions of this well-paced and well-written thriller are available for downloading below.
    They were ripping up (...)