2. A selection of Jack London stories

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  • A selection of South Seas stories by Jack London

    by Jack London

    Jack London loved sailing and spent a lot of time boating around not only his beloved Bay of San Francisco, but also and especially the innumerable South Sea islands and Hawaii, which were the subject of a sizable portion of his oeuvre (33 short stories and novelettes, and 3 of his novels).
    He (...)

  • Twelve of Jack London’s best Far North stories

    by Jack London

    The best of Jack London’s writings were mostly produced during his inspired decade 1899-1908, after the year he had spent in the Klondike region of Canada’s Northwest Territories participating in the great gold rush there.
    A majority (63) of the 107 short stories he wrote and published during (...)

  • Survival in the Klondike – 10 great stories by Jack London

    by Jack London

    Jack London’s stories of life and adventure in the Far North, mostly set in the Klondike region of the Northwest Territories in Canada during the great gold rush of 1898 there, all feature striking descriptions of the extreme climatic conditions experienced by the participants in that greatest (...)

  • Jack London’s funniest story: "That Spot" (1908)

    by Jack London

    Jack London is best known for his two adventurous Klondike tales, the novella The Call of the Wild (1905) and his novel White Fang (1909), featuring exceptionally tough and survival-prone dogs not unlike their wild wolf forebears.
    His great talent for getting into the heart and mind of (...)