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  • Lexical analysis 2 of "The Magic Mountain" - the complete vocabulary

    by Ray

    Readers of Thomas Mann’s great opus The Magic Mountain (1924) cannot fail to be impressed with the tremendous range of the vocabulary in this masterful evocation of a pre-WW1 world on the brink of a global catastrophe.
    One striking aspect of the vocabulary in this work - its quite amazing (...)

  • The average number of meanings per word in German (and maybe English too)

    by Ray

    Based on a study of the evolving number of words in the successive editions of our German-English Literary Dictionary, we can safely venture to say that, for German:
    there are about 2 meanings per word on average for the 10,000 or so most commonly-used words (such as those listed in the (...)

  • Mes livres allemands - un survol personnel de la littérature de langue allemande

    by Ray

    Ce relevé des livres par des auteurs allemands, autrichiens et suisses que j’ai fréquentés depuis de bien nombreuses années représente, me semble-t-il, un bon échantillon de la littérature de nos assez mystérieux voisins d’outre-Rhin.
    Il est certes utile d’avoir des notions d’allemand, car nombre (...)