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  • Directors Guild of Canada Lifetime Achievement Award to JOHN SMITH

    by Ray

    The prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award of the Directors Guild of Canada will be presented to John Smith at a special gala celebration on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at the historic Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.
    John’s brilliant career was outlined in the following DGC news release: (...)

  • "When Time Was New" (1964) by Robert F. Young

    by Robert F. Young

    Robert F. Young (1915-1986) was a prolific science-fiction writer whose 200-odd stories were published in all of the leading s-f magazines of his day as well as in Colliers, The Saturday Evening Post and Playboy. Although many of his stories were also published in book form, they are today (...)

  • "The Wishes We Make" (1943) by E. Mayne Hull

    by E. Mayne Hull

    A genie suddenly appears before a condemned man in his death cell and offers him not just one wish but six - what is the problem? you might ask. Well, avoiding one’s destiny is not as easy as it sounds, as this quite brilliant and very amusing golden-age tale with the most sombre of overtones, (...)

  • Margot - In Memoriam

    by Ray

    None of those who attended the funeral ceremony for our mother Margot Marne Smith, in St. Aidan’s Church in the woods near her home on Curran Lake in Quebec on February 17, 1996, can ever forget the emotion and spirit of communion intensely felt by all those present.
    The talks that were given (...)

  • Kingsley Amis "SF-drink" stories

    by Kingsley Amis

    These two unusual and very original stories are examples of a rare genre invented by the brilliant author of Lucky Jim: "SF-drink".
    They had me chuckling and even hooting, an enjoyable and all-too-rare experience indeed, and I dare say that they will have you doing the same! 1. The 2003 Claret (...)

  • Wedding Toast

    by Ray

    For the record, here is the toast given by the bride’s father at Michelle and Thomas’s wedding on August 23, 1991:
    Hello - as the proud father of the bride I have the pleasure of welcoming you all here to this happy event, and of starting the festivities off with a few (very few, don’t worry) (...)