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  • "The Sea Wolf" (1904) by Jack London

    by Jack London

    This extraordinary tale of high seas and high emotions starts off calmly enough when the thirty-something, well-read and rather wealthy narrator embarks on a modern steam-driven ferry-boat in the Bay of San Francisco and muses on the efficient division of labour in modern society, whereby (...)

  • Jack London’s two war stories

    by Jack London

    Although Jack London was an experienced war correspondent, having covered the Japan-Russia conflict in 1904 and the Mexican Revolution in 1912, only 2 of his 198 short stories have soldiers and war as a central theme.
    But one of them is an absolute masterpiece that you will have trouble ever (...)

  • A selection of South Seas/Hawaii stories by Jack London

    by Jack London

    Jack London loved sailing and spent a lot of time boating around not only his beloved Bay of San Francisco, but also and especially the innumerable South Sea islands and Hawaii, which were the subject of a sizeable portion of his oeuvre (33 short stories and several novels).
    He was (...)

  • Eleven of Jack London’s best Far North stories

    by Jack London

    The best of Jack London’s writings were mostly produced during his inspired decade 1899-1908, after the year he had spent in the Klondike region of Canada’s Northwest Territories participating in the great gold rush there.
    A majority (63) of the 107 short stories he wrote and published during (...)