The Greatest Novels

Overviews of (our selection of) the world’s greatest novels

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  • (Our selection of) The World’s Greatest Novels

    by Ray

    There are no doubt some novels missing from this compendium - albeit not very many, in my humble opinion (the jury is still out on the works of Balzac, Stendhal, Flaubert, and Zola) - but there can be no doubt that these 73 masterpieces from Albania, Austria (3), China, the Czech Republic, (...)

  • More of the World’s Greatest Novels

    by Ray

    None of these 94 novels - from Albania (2), Austria (4), Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt (4), England (27), Egypt (2), Finland, France (18), Germany (4), Hungary, India, Italy, Japan (9), Mexico (3), Peru (4), Poland, Portugal, Russia (3), Scotland, South Africa (2) and the U.S.A (6) - were (...)

  • Charles Dickens Books

    by Ray

    The Pickwick Papers (1837)
    Dickens’s first and funniest novel, published when he was only 25, was a huge worldwide hit which had people lining up on the wharfs in Sydney and New York when the boats came in with the latest instalment, and which went through 100 English and American editions (...)