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  • "Dombey and Son" (1846) by Charles Dickens

    by Charles Dickens

    After the huge popular successes of his first four novels and the lukewarm reception by the mass public of the next two, but encouraged by the success of his Christmas Carol stories published in 1843, Dickens raised his sights and clearly aimed at impressing the arbiters of literary good taste, to show them just what he could do.

    Dombey and Son thus flows at a calmer, more sedate pace than any of his previous works, with more attention to atmosphere and psychology and with somewhat (...)

  • "Bleak House" (1853) by Charles Dickens

    by Charles Dickens

    A blockbuster of a book [1], with what was for Dickens a big theme: the incredibly antiquated and abstruse, bureaucratic procedures involved in property legislation via the time-hallowed Chancery Law courts – that however at the time of its publication had already been essentially abolished. (...)

  • "Hard Times" (1854) by Charles Dickens

    by Charles Dickens

    The only book in which Dickens ventures into the industrial heartland of the England of his time, the sprawling factory belt in the north around Manchester and Liverpool. Also the shortest of all his novels, slightly above one-third the average length of the others.
    The hard-hitting portrayal (...)