2. A selection of Stefan Zweig stories and essays

Articles in this section

  • "Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman" by Stefan Zweig (1925)

    by Stefan Zweig

    In this story within a story a woman recounts a decisive moment in her life when she had tried to help a young nobleman whose passion for the roulette table had lead him to the brink of self-destruction.
    Soberly recounted with sensitivity and in-depth psychological penetration: one of the most (...)

  • "Fear (Angst)" (1922) by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    A well-to-do married woman who has faulted with a seductive young pianist is aggressively blackmailed by a coarse young woman who threatens to denounce her to her husband. The blackmail is increasingly successful, the lady is overcome with fear and anguish and finally she sees only one fatal (...)

  • "The Fantastic Night (Phantastische Nacht)" (1922) by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    A well-off and rather idle reserve officer in Vienna in June 1913 quite by hazard finds himself at the races in the Prater, the great Viennese public park, and watches the excited behaviour of the crowd during the races with a detached eye. His day and his whole existence are thrown head over (...)

  • "Amok" (1922) by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    An expatriate doctor on the verge of a nervous breakdown in a remote outpost in the Dutch East Indies receives the visit of an elegant lady from the European community in the area’s capital who offers him a large sum of money to perform an illegal operation. Although he does need the money, her (...)